• Targi w Dubaju, Index 2019 , 13 - 16 września.

    EUGENIUS kontynuuje podbój Bliskiego Wschodu.
    Byliśmy na International Design Fair Oman- Muscat, w lutym 2018, na Dubaj Downtown Design, w listopadzie 2018.

    Tym razem EUGENIUS pokazał swoje produkty biorąc udziału w dniach 17-19 września 2019 w Targach INDEX Dubai 2019 na stoisku regionalnym Województwa Wielkopolskiego https://markaw.pl/pl_PL/index-
    Spotkaliśmy się z partnerami biznesowymi pochodzących nie tylko z Państwa Zjednoczonych Emiratów Arabskich, ale także krajów sąsiednich - GCC (Rady Współpracy Zatoki Perskiej), Indii, Rosji i Afryki Północnej.

  • Targi Mexico City, (ELA) Expo Lighting America 5-7 marca 2019.

    Czy udział w targach w dalekim Meksyku i zainteresowanie naszymi lampami pozwolą lampom EUGENIUS zaistnieć na nowym rynku?

  • Targi w Dubaju, Downtown Design , 13 - 16 listopada 2018

    Tym razem w ramach projektu „Gospodarna Wielkopolska” http://iw.org.pl/,

    wspieranego przez Urząd Marszałkowski Wielkopolski, EUGENIUS brał udział w targach w Dubaju. Kolejny raz pokazaliśmy nasze produkty potencjalnym klientom z poza Europy. Jest nam bardzo miło stwierdzić, że nasze produkty znajdują uznanie w ich oczach.

  • ROGALE 2018.

    Ważne i piękne Święto Niepodległości, 11 listopada, zbiega się w EUGENIUS z rogalową akcją. Naszym Wspaniałym Klientom życzymy „Smacznego”!

  • golden paint.

    as of today our EUGENIUS lamps and luminaires are also available in golden colour.

    thanks to uncompromising efforts we can now offer our lamps in our original semi-matt and structured matt paints. feel free to mix and match our golden lamps with other colours. share your ideas, and don’t hesitate to place orders :)

  • EUGENIUS at 100% Design 2018 London.

    we’ve decided that it was time to present our products once again at 100% Design, where our lamps have been received very positively in the past. 

    for those who visit us for the first time, we want to present our wide collection,
    and for those of you who now us, we promise to show our new designs. 

    we’ll be waiting for everyone at our stand L123 from 19th – 22nd September.

  • EUGENIUS won “must have 2018 Łódź Design Festival” award.

    Łódź Design Festival is one of the oldest and most popular design festivals in Poland. 400 products were submitted of which the Experts chose 70. we are honored that EUGENIUS luminaires were among them.

    we were invited to participate in the festival by Ms. Ewa Mierzejewska, who is the owner of the Ewa & Wnętrze, for which we are very thankful.

  • Muscat Fair, Oman 6th - 8th february, ex oriente lux

    we are pleased to inform you that EUGENIUS was represented at the International Design Fair in Muscat, Oman, on 6th to 8th february 2018, as part of the "Gospodarna Wielkopolska" project (http://iw.org.pl/) supported by the Wielkpolska Marshal's Office. It has been an extremely valuable experience for us, during which we had the opportunity to introduce our products to the fair guests from three continents, as well as listen to extremely inspiring feedback from them. we are proud of the fact that EUGENIUS finds appreciation by people from around the world.

    motivated and inspired, now we're back continuing our work.

  • EUGENIUS on national TV

    on 16th of november during Dzień Dobry TVN  (Good Morning TVN) program, Ewa Mierzejewska, chief editor of "Dom i wnetrze" (“Home and Interior”), was talking about the role of light in interiors. we can say with great pleasure that we were among brands chosen for this presentation. we want to thank Mrs Ewa for appreciating our design. Program (in polish) can be viewed on TVN site.

  • EUGENIUS at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2017

    from 4th to 9th April we ware at another fair, this time Salone del Mobile.Milano in Italy.

    we want to thank every and each one of you for visiting, admiring, and also constructive criticism.

    we hope that the conversations and connections we made will help you to create even more beautiful and practical interiors, and us to create even more beautiful and practical lamps for them.

  • EUGENIUS at arenaDESIGN fair in Poznan

    from 14th to 17th March we were exhibiting our collection at Poznan’s fair.

    with great pleasure we showed our products to a wide audience. products which are not only worth looking at but also worth touching.

    on Wednesday, 15th March our chief designer and EUGENIUS creator gave a speech entitled “Problems in designing and selection of lighting for interior architects”.

  • EUGENIUS in polish TV

    EUGENIUS lighting company was able to participate in a TV show about small business'

  • EUGENIUS at 100%Design

    it came and went…

    during 21-24 October we were participating in 100%Design exhibition in London. the positive feedback was overwhelming. we had the opportunity to present our best lamps, including our new PURE series. we were also able to print our and bring with us our new 2017 Catalogue. we are very grateful for your visit and we hope for our cooperation in near future!

  • FUN series by EUGENIUS

    the EUGENIUS FUN series offers circular luminaries with a diameter of 120mm. surface-mounted or suspended lamps in the FUN lite version are available in heights of 100, 117, 155 and 200mm. and the FUN star version - surface-mounted lamps with spacing and elegant brass or chrome interior are available in heights 117 + 19mm, 155 + 19mm and 200 + 19mm, and in the suspended version (without spacing) in the following heights: 117mm, 155mm and 200mm. luminaries from the EUGENIUS FUN series are available in our four unique colours and two new exclusive versions: white and black semi-matte.

  • EUGENIUS lightning trough in the surface-mounted and suspended versions.

    this is another proposal to arrange the ceiling space.
    our troughs can also be installed in suspended ceilings.

    lightning trough in the surface-mounted and suspended versions

  • new LED modules

    our luminaries come with a new generation of LED modules in a new shape: 65x65 mm. the technology used and components from OSRAM allow to obtain approx. 140lm/W. available colour temperatures: 2700K (warm), 3000K (neutral), 4000K (cold).

    new LED modules

  • recessed lighting trough by EUGENIUS

    it is an amazing idea to arrange the ceiling space. this simple, high-quality solution coupled with our luminaries will provide your interiors with aesthetic value.

    recessed lighting trough

  • EUGENIUS outdoors

    SpecHouse office interior. with the use of EUGENIUS luminaries.
    photo: Anna Gregorczyk
    facility: business office of Spec House
    location: Poznan
    designers: ArrrCHITECTS Team, A. Krawczyk, M. Kuczynski

    please visit the realisations tab

  • a new generation of LED modules

    recently, our luminaries have been provided with a new generation of LED modules with improved performance. the technology used and components from OSRAM allow to obtain approximately 115 lm/W. our product also allows the use of dimmers. L70, or LED lifetime at least 55°C is 190 000 h. available colour temperatures: warm white, neutral, white cold.

    a new generation of LED modules

  • EUGENIUS iQ luminaries

    the EUGENIUS iQ series features lamps allowing to adjust the angle of lighting.
    aesthetic luminaries concealing all cables and electrical parts, designed for places where there is a need for specific orientation of the light beam.
    dedicated to LED or halogen replaceable AR111 light sources, with the interior finished with paint, chrome or brass. available in different heights. surface-mounted, recessed or suspended from the ceiling. in modules for one, two and three light sources.

  • new luminaries without blinds

    our customers can purchase luminaries from the ARTBASE ARTMID and ARTTOP series with a visible light source having a width of 180 mm and 270 mm, not only with a blind, i.e. filling on the outer housing, but also without the blind, i.e. filling inside the lamp.

    available in one of our four splendid colours, not necessarily identical with the fixture, which will certainly spice up many a ceiling.

    we are pleased that we can further expand our product range for our customers!

    oprawy bez bleny