FUN series

a collection of round fixtures with a diameter of 120 mm, characterized by minimalism. a distinctive feature of this series is a groove around the fixture at its lower part, which is a reference to the ART series.


the FUN series offers both surface-mounted and pendant lamps.
FUN lite comes in four different heights:

MID – 100 mm
HIGH – 117 mm
TOP – 155 mm
UP – 200 mm

in addition, the FUN star fixtures are taller in each size by 19 mm compared to FUN Lite. this design choice provides the FUN star fixtures with a more recessed light source, highlighting the unique interior.


surface-mounted fixtures

surface-mounted lamps are available in various heights, all with a diameter of 120 mm. the wide range of colors allows the fixtures to have their own character.


pendant fixtures

the pendant lamps have the option of a surface-mounted or recessed canopy, customized to match the chosen color. additionally, we offer a wide selection of cable sleeves, allowing the pendant lamp from the FUN series to have a personalized character.

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