LINE series

o seriach EUGENIUS

this linear lighting system is available in many configurations made in accordance with the customer needs. the LINE series includes recessed lamps, LINEat surface-mounted lamps and LINEon suspended lamps. Light sources in the LINE series are integrated LEDs with a milky cover or with transparent light covers. we also offer adjustable spotlights with a diameter of 40 mm and height of 130 mm. the lamps are not sliding and they have installed low-voltage LEDs, which require power supply adaptors.

lamps and profiles are offered in two colours.


this is a recessed version of linear profile for mounting lamps with a width of 34 mm. the profile with mounted lamps may be of any customised length. the lamps are connected magnetically, just like the covering panel, which is compatible with gaps between the illuminating elements. the light line with the covering panel is recessed 5 mm into the ceiling surface.


surface-mounted lighting system, based on a profile with dimensions of 35 x 35 mm and with a length specified by the customer. the minimum distance between the illuminating elements is 30 cm.


these linear lamps may be mounted on the surface, suspended or wall-mounted. The lamp profile has dimensions of 35 x 58.5 mm and length specified by the customer (within the range of 60 cm – 280 cm). the lamps have built-in power supply adapters.



casing, interior and swivel::

is powder-coated with one of the available two colours:

5-black, semi-matt; 6-white, semi-matt


Podsufitki EUGENIUS

suspended lamps are available with surface-mounted or recessed suspension. Surface-mounted with a diameter of 70 mm and a height of 20 mm or concealed with a minimalistic design and diameter of 70 mm. for suspended ceilings, we recommend the concealed installation to obtain aesthetic, pure form of the ceiling.

both types of the ceiling-mounted parts are offered in seven colours:

1-black, mat structure; 2-dark grey; 3-light grey;
4-white, mat structure; 5-black, semi-matt;
6-white, semi-matt; G-gold



we offer wires in the same colours as the colours luminaires:

dark grey, light grey, black, white, gold and transparent. on special request we can offer other colours.

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